Investment Trust Resource

The Investment Trust (IT) association website is:

Not all ITs are members of the AIC so check out:

Investment Trust Homepages

Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen All Asia
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies
Aberdeen Development Capital
Aberdeen New Dawn
Aberdeen New Thai
Dunedin Enterprise
Dunedin Income Growth
Dunedin Smaller Companies
Edinburgh Dragon Trust
Edinburgh New Income Trust
Edinburgh UK Tracker Trust
Edinburgh US Tracker Trust
Glasgow Income Trust
Murray Income Trust
Murray International Trust
New India Investment Trust
Northern Investors Company
Shires Income
Shires Smaller Companies

Aberforth Partners

Aberforth Geared Capital & Income Trust
Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust

Alliance Trust

Allianz Global Investors (Literature Library)

Allianz Dresdner Endowment Policy Trust 2010
Allianz Dresdner Second Endowment Policy Trust plc 2009
British Portfolio Trust
The Brunner Investment Trust
Charter European Trust
The Merchants Trust
RCM Technology Trust PLC

Asset Value Investors

British Empire

Axa Framlington

Baillie Gifford

Baillie Gifford Japan Trust
Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon
Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust
Mid Wynd International Investment Trust
Monks Investment Trust
Pacific Horizon Investment Trust
Scottish American Investment Company
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust


Merrill Lynch British Smaller Companies Trust
Merrill Lynch Commodities Income Investment Trust
Merrill Lynch Greater Europe Investment Trust
Merrill Lynch Latin American Investment Trust
Merrill Lynch New Energy Technology
Merrill Lynch World Mining Trust

Blue Planet

Blue Planet European Financials
Blue Planet Financials Growth and Income (Nos. 1 – 10)
Blue Planet Worldwide Financials


Caledonia Investment Company

Edinburgh Partners

Anglo & Overseas
EP Global Opportunities Trust

Electric & General

Foreign & Colonial

Active Capital Trust
British Assets Trust
European Assets Trust
F&C Capital & Income
F&C Commercial Property Trust

F&C Event Driven

F&C Global Smaller Companies

F&C Private Equity Trust A
F&C Private Equity Trust B
F&C UK Select Trust
F&C US Smaller Companies

Foreign & Colonial Eurotrust

Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust

Graphite Enterprise Trust

Investors Capital Trust A

Investors Capital Trust B
ISIS Property Trust

ISIS Property Trust 2

Pacific Assets Trust

Franklin Templeton

Templeton Emerging Markets

Frostrow Capital

Finsbury Growth & Income Trust
Finsbury Worldwide Pharmaceutical Trust
The Biotech Growth Trust


Gartmore European Investment Trust
Gartmore Fledgling Trust
Gartmore Global Trust
Gartmore Growth Opportunities
Gartmore Irish Growth Fund
Gartmore Smaller Companies Trust

Hansa Group

Hansa Trust

Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Diversified Income Limited
Henderson EuroTrust
Henderson Far East Income Limited
Henderson Global Property Companies
Henderson Opportunities Trust
Henderson TR Pacific
Lowland Investment Company
The Bankers Investment Trust
The City of London Investment Trust
The Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust
TR European Growth Trust

Independent Investment Trust

Invesco Perpetual

City Merchants High Yield Trust
Invesco Asia Trust
Invesco English and International Trust
Invesco Income Growth Trust
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust
Invesco Perpetual Recovery Trust 2011
Invesco Perpetual European Absolute Return Trust
Perpetual Income & Growth Trust
Perpetual Japanese Investment Trust
Keystone Investment Trust
Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies

JP Morgan

JPM American
JPM Asian
JPM Chinese
JPM Claverhouse
JPM Elect Managed Cash
JPM Elect Managed Growth
JPM Elect Managed Income
JPM Emerging Markets
JPM European – Growth
JPM European – Income
JPM European Fledgeling
JPM Income & Capital
JPM Income & Growth
JPM Indian
JPM Japanese
JPM Japanese Smaller Companies
JPMF Mercantile
JPM Midcap
JPM Overseas
JPM Russian Securities
JPM Smaller Companies
JPM US Discovery

Jupiter Asset Management

Jupiter Dividend & Growth Trust
Jupiter European Opportunities Trust
Jupiter Green Investment Trust
Jupiter Primadona Growth Trust
Jupiter Second Enhanced Income Trust
Jupiter Second Split Trust
The Defined Capital Return Fund

Martin Currie

Martin Currie Pacific Trust
Martin Currie Portfolio
Securities Trust of Scotland


Advance Developing Markets Trust
Advance Focus Fund
Advance UK Trust

RIT Capital Partners


International Biotechnology Trust
Schroder AsiaPacific Fund
Schroder Income Growth Fund
Schroder Japan Growth Fund
Schroder Oriental Income Fund
Schroder Split Investment Fund
Schroder UK Growth Fund
Schroder UK Mid & Small Cap Fund
SVG Capital

Scottish Investment Trust

Scottish Value Managers (SVM)

Life Offices Opportunities Trust
SVM Global Fund
SVM UK Active Fund
SVM UK Emerging Fund

Temple Bar

Thames River Capital

TR Property Investment Trust
TR Property Sigma


Witan Investment Trust
Witan Pacific Investment Trust

Miscellany Resources

Investment Trusts magazine should be available from all good newsagents (outdated website:

Investment Trust Newletter (including downloadable sample copy):

Investment Trust Scrutineer (including downloadable sample copy):

Hemscott IT News: IT News:


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