It’s The Sun wot measures it

How those journalistic oracles did in 2007, thanks to The Sun’s Ian King (via FT Alphaville):

Investor’s Chronicle UP 23.41%
Sunday Telegraph UP 14.67%
The Times UP 12.20%
Mail on Sunday UP 11.49%
Independent on Sunday UP 5.41%
The Sun DN 0.93%
Daily Telegraph DN 1.19%
Daily Express DN 1.33%
Daily Mail DN 2.60%
The Independent DN 5.04%
The Guardian DN 5.99%
Sunday Times DN 15.1%
The Observer DN 15.5%

Best tip of the year was Tanfield in the Investors Chronicle which rose by 151%. The biggest faller was Rank which was tipped by both the Daily Mail and the Guardian – it fell by 60 per cent.

Among the other clunkers – Oakdene Homes in the Mail (dn 41pc); RBS in the Mail, Times, Sunday Times, Independent and Telegraph (dn 33pc); Experian in the Indie (down 34pc); Debt Free Direct in the Guardian (dn 60pc); Libra Natural Resources in the Express (dn 61pc) and, to prove I’m not immune, Bellway dn 47pc in the Sun.

Biggest gainers were Concateno in the Mail on Sunday (up 85pc); ICI in the Mail (up 48pc); Gyrus in the Guardian (up 65pc) and Asos – tipped by both the Express and the Times and up 138pc. My best one on the Sun was Landore Resources…up 79pc.


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